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Needs More Lens Flare Rides Again

Hello OpenCV.js

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Are Punters Forever?

At 538, Benjamin Morris wrote kickers are forever. He presents a compelling case that kickers of all ages have been improving steadily at all distances since the 1960's.

I wanted to see if punters have done the same. Using play-by-play data from 2009 to 2017, I calculated how much of …

Technical Writing

Years ago I remember coming across a comment on about technical writing. I had forgotten exactly what it said, but remembered it was short, had a snappy title, and followed its own advice.

I discovered it again. The page at the original url is long gone, but the …

New host

Fox row was down for a while due to some issues with the old web host. It's on a new and improved hosting service now, so there shouldn't be any more problems.

Sweeping the 1-seeds

The Bracket is out, and once Virginia was announced as the final 1-seed, I realized Wisconsin may be in a unique position. The Badgers beat both Florida and Virginia during the regular season, and have the possibility to beat both Arizona and Wichita State in the tournament. If they do …

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