APSE Update

I've been working on improving Apse since I initially released it two months ago. Version 1.4 is now available. There are some exciting new features!

  • Apse is self-aware. The QR-code-ish squares in the corners of the window are markers for Apse to locate itself. If Apse sees itself in a snapshot, it redacts that portion of the screen so you don't get Apse searches appearing in Apse results, appearing in Apse searches, ad infinitum.
  • Smart image processing: Apse auto-detects dark backgrounds to drastically improve accuracy in e.g. dark-theme windows and text editors.
  • Take Snapshot Now - you can manually trigger a snapshot at any time, in the app or with the Firefox extension.
  • Results are now sortable by relevance or date.

These features were both a lot of fun to work on and have been really useful for me. The smart image processing in particular was quite technically challenging, and I am very pleased with the results.

The changes for each version of Apse here. You can sign up for a trial or upgrade your license here!