Hidden in Plain Sight: Steganography & Digital Watermarking

Cyphercon 3.0, April 12-13 2018

Abstract: Steganography is the practice of hiding a message “in plain sight” inside an image, video, sound, text, or file. The practice goes back centuries, and in recent years has seen a rise in use for digital watermarking. Unlike cryptography, steganography seeks to hide even the presence of a message. Steganography can be used for communication, leak prevention, or copyright protection. We’ll look at steganographic techniques, analysis, and detection through the lens of digital watermarking.

Notes and slides are here.

Deep Learning and Computer Vision

Milwaukee Machine Learning Meetup, December 5 2017

Abstract: Computer vision has seen big advances thanks to deep learning, especially convolutional neural nets. We’ll go over some common problems in computer vision, how deep learning solves those problems, and how you can use it in the real world. Slides from my talk are here.

Webdev: Building Django Apps

Django and Python web development at the Milwaukee Python meetup. More info here. Slides from my portion of the talk here.

To Infinity and Beyond

PyOhio 2017, Milwaukee Python, Milwaukee Code Camp 2017, Milwaukee Javascript

Astropy: A Community Python Package for Astronomy

Coauthor, Astropy: A Community Python Package for Astronomy