Fox Row Rowing, computers, astronomy

My name is Ryan Fox. I develop software and (formerly) rowed competitively at the University of Wisconsin and on the US National Team.

I currently work with image processing and computer vision. This is useful for things like handwriting recognition, photo stitching, object tracking, and more. If those sound interesting to you, check out the standing invitation or email me (ryan@ this domain). I do software consulting as well, and am available for hire. Please email me for more information.

I have several tools to help rowers and coaches. Check out the online strokewatch here. I also run a more advanced application that helps coaches and athletes improve performance via erg score tracking. It’s called Fast Ergs. It comes with a free trial, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot if you’re a coach or rower.

Needs More Lens Flare is an app I made to automatically put a lens-flare effect on an image. For the inner JJ Abrams in all of us.

In addition to my software projects, I occasionally write about what software I’m working on here. If you have questions or comments about anything, shoot me an email. I actually enjoy getting emails from people interested in computers or rowing, so reach out.