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Needs More Lens Flare Rides Again

Hello OpenCV.js

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Pypeline update

I've pushed some changes to the pypeline repository, adding basic stacking functionality. There isn't any registration, it only takes the median of each channel (R, G, B) for each pixel. It's currently way slow, but I suspect there is substantial room for improvement there. Wrangling NEF files has proven more …

"Night 2: the big dipper"

With one set of exposures under my belt, I adjusted my camera settings a little and tried my hand again. As luck would have it, my window framed the big dipper quite nicely, so I set up in front of that and let it rip.

  • 51 light frames
  • f/3 …

First light from the Nikon

Well, sort of. This is my first attempt at any sort of serious astrophotography. I wasn't aiming for anything in particular, I just wanted to get a feel for my camera. The conditions were subpar to say the least: it was a mildly cloudy night, and I'm near a metropolitan …