Using reCAPTCHA v3 with Django

reCAPTCHA is a system to prevent spam and abuse of web services. It's easy to integrate with Django. There are three steps to using v3 reCAPTCHA in your web app:

  1. Create the reCAPTCHA application
  2. Integrate with your frontend
  3. Validate the response from Google

Create the reCAPTCHA application

First, register a …

BOGO - An Image Compression Format

BOGO (Basically Optimal Graphics Ontology) is a lossless image compression format. BOGO derives its name from bogosort. Unlike traditional computationally-wasteful image formats that let your underutilized CPU sit around idle, BOGO maximizes your computer's time spent doing what it loves: computing.

Contrary to rumor, BOGO does not stand for Blockchain-Oriented …

Are Punters Forever?

At 538, Benjamin Morris wrote kickers are forever. He presents a compelling case that kickers of all ages have been improving steadily at all distances since the 1960's.

I wanted to see if punters have done the same. Using play-by-play data from 2009 to 2017, I calculated how much of …

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