The visual look and feel of movies is something that interests me. So I built a tool to visualize it.

Videosplatter is a tool to splat a video file into a mosaic of individual frames. It shows you at a glance the look and feel of the entire video.

You can see color palettes, light and shadow, and scene transitions in a single image.

It can generate mosaics: mosaic generated from drone footage of a city at dusk

Or "movie barcodes": each frame in the source video condensed to its main color, 1 pixel wide

It also can generate "colorfulness" and contrast stats about the video. Colorfulness is the definition from Hasler and Süsstrunk 2003.

Add up colorfulness and contrast scores to get a "Visual 🌶️ Factor". Now you can complain about bland, blue-gray, washed out movies with science!

You can install it with pip install videosplatter. Let me know if you use it for something cool!

City footage used under CC-BY license from The Dronalist