APSE updates

It has been a while since I wrote about APSE here, and over the past few months I've made a number of big updates to it in version 4.


First of all, there have been major performance improvements. Users can expect much faster (i.e. lower CPU usage) processing of snapshots. Along with that is an improvement to OCR accuracy.

Search parsing

Searches are more forgiving. For example, searching bike will match bikes, biker, biked, biking, etc. You can still specify exact matches "with quotes." URL components are also handled better - wikipedia will match anything with that in a web address, you don't need to specify all of en.wikipedia.org.

Archive stuff

PDF imports are now supported.

You can now merge indexes from multiple machines. (Business licenses only.)

Fun stuff

Latest snapshot: you can jump directly to the most recent snapshot taken, by using the special search latest or the Go menu in the app. You can still search for the word latest by combining it with another keyword, using quotes, or adding a space afterward: latest.

Starred snapshots: you can star snapshots you want easy access to. You can filter on them in searches using the format starred:true.

More Like This: find a snapshot that's not exactly what you're looking for? Click "More Like This" to see snapshots with similar content.

I think it's a really fantastic app, and this round of updates makes it even better. So if you've read this far, I encourage you to try it out!