Apse 1.6 Update

I have been able to add a lot of great stuff to Apse lately. Version 1.5 lets you manually trigger a snapshot from the system tray, along with many bugfixes.

Version 1.6 also has some great improvements. The UI has been made more clear in several places, and now you can update settings without restarting the app. This is great for the first time you boot it up, so you can enter the activation key and go.

I recommend everyone upgrade to the latest version - as of this writing, that is v1.6. Go ahead and get it at apse.io!

If you like Apse, you can really help by spreading the word. Tell anyone you think would find it useful - coworkers, friends, enemies, you get the idea. Post on social media if you're into that kind of thing. You can follow Apse on Twitter at @apseio.