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PyOhio 2017

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I was really happy to give a talk at PyOhio this year. My presentation was To Infinity and Beyond, a talk about image processing, computer vision, and astronomy.

You can find the slides from my talk in PDF format here.

The programming language I talked about, DIL, lives on GitHub. Contributions are welcome!

Video of the talk:

I’d like to give a big thanks to the organizers of the conference for putting on such a great event, and for having me!

Slides under CC-BY 4.0.

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Which commits to squash when rebasing in Git

git rebase is a really powerful tool, but I always forget which commits to pick and squash. Suppose your commit history looks like this:

bd7bf7d this is the commit message I want to keep
2313327 checkpoint commit 2
d4ac9ee checkpoint commit 1
c56d9c3 latest commit on master (don't change this one)

You want to run git rebase -i HEAD~3, which will bring up your editor:

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Stitching 360 degree panoramas with Hugin

In my last post, I talked about stitching panoramas with Photoshop. There is an open source application named Hugin that can do the same and more. It is dedicated panorama stitching software, so there are many more options available to you.

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Stitching panoramas with Photoshop

One of Photoshop’s less frequently used features is the ability to stitch together photos into a panorama. Here’s how you can go about making them.

This guide uses Photoshop CC 2017.1.1 on Windows 10.

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Online QR code reader

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